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EVV System for Home Health Providers Mandate Requires Connected Technology

Download this white paper to learn more about how best to leverage connected technology for your EVV system.

Electronic verification visit (EVV) systems are an exciting technology for the most efficient and accurate home health care. While this technology has been in the market for some time, health care providers will rapidly be adopting EVV systems due to a federal mandate.

The EVV legislation is being created to sidestep the antiquated process of ensuring patients are receiving the care that they have been prescribed and authorized. The base processes in place have relied too heavily on paper forms and call centers, creating inconsistencies, human error, time lag, and environmental strain.

An EVV system is required through federal legislation but implemented on the state level. While there is no EVV system requirement, the following data must be collected: the type of service performed; the identification of the individual receiving service; the identification of the individual providing service; the date of service; the location of where the service was delivered; and the state and end time of the service delivery.

A closed model EVV system can create standardization, but an open model EVV system is more beneficial because it takes the EVV vendor decision away from states and places it with the care provider. With care providers driving the EVV solution, it allows for greater ease in customization and scaling.

For any EVV system to be successful, connected hardware is a must. Smartphones, tablets, landline phones, biometric recognition, and Fixed Visit Verification play a large role in running a smooth and compliant system.

Download this white paper discussing EVV systems to learn more about:
  • How EVV legislation is shaping the need for an EVV system.
  • What EVV system models are available.
  • Why connected hardware is essential.