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Comprehensive IoT Hardware Solutions Made Easy

Connect people to business-critical information – and keep them connected wherever they are with customized products and services that work together for you.

We’re Your Partner for All Your IoT Hardware Needs

In the rapidly advancing landscape of technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a transformative force, and its hardware components play a pivotal role in reshaping the business landscape. IoT hardware, ranging from sensors and devices to gateways and controllers, forms the backbone of interconnected systems that enable seamless data exchange and communication. This interconnectedness not only enhances operational efficiency but also opens up avenues for businesses to glean valuable insights from real-time data.

Understanding the importance of IoT hardware is paramount as it empowers businesses to optimize processes, improve decision-making, and stay competitive in an increasingly connected world. In this exploration, we unravel the significance of IoT hardware and its instrumental role in driving business success and innovation. IoT can accelerate your business. But how do you easily select, procure, and integrate the right mix of IoT hardware, devices, and network connectivity services for a complete IoT solution? KORE has you covered.

Simple configuration IoT multiple devices
Keep It Simple Configuring devices that meet particular specifications can be complicated, especially when multiple network technologies are involved.
Scale and expand IoT
Scale and Expand Complex logistics and support processes can restrict IoT agility and scalability.
Accelerate IoT Device Deployment
Accelerate Deployment The traditional fragmented ecosystem can jeopardize the value that IoT solutions promise to deliver.

IoT Solutions Partners

Tablet Solutions for Mobile Workers
Empower Mobile Workers

Give them the freedom to enhance communication and increase productivity - regardless of location - with a tablet-centric solution.

Having to deal with middleware and complicated software integrations can delay device deployment and hinder productivity. Our managed tablet solution offers a more user-friendly experience for mobile workers, delivering the ultimate in flexibility and operational efficiency. With our innovative offerings, we can stage tablet devices with your desired apps so employees can access the cloud-based data and mission-critical information they need to do their jobs.

Preconfigured hardware shipment process
Customize IoT Solutions

Choose from a wide range of IoT devices, equipment, and accessories - preconfigured to your specifications and shipped right to your office.

Procuring and configuring IoT hardware that meet your company’s requirements and user preferences can be complicated. With our customized, managed solution, you can select from a variety of devices, including tablets, routers, gateways, and wearables (Android, iOS, and rugged models) that are preconfigured for connectivity from your choice of leading carriers. That way you can rely on our comprehensive global network coverage as you serve customers in the field.

IoT hardware management dashboard
Streamline IoT Hardware Management

Get the control you want and the security you need with mobile device management capabilities.

Managing everything from firmware upgrades, to browser controls, to data loss protection is challenging with thousands of devices in the field. Our mobile device management solutions ensure security, minimize risk, and optimize solution performance to help your organization realize the full value of IoT and enhance business operations.

Simplifying the Fragmented IoT Ecosystem
Deploying IoT hardware requires significant logistical coordination. With our integrated, end-to-end managed tablet solutions, organizations can easily connect mission-critical applications with their distributed workforces.

Connectivity, application deployment, and support - combined

Businesses across verticals and industries including fleet, healthcare, and logistics can more efficiently run their operations with the KORE Managed Tablet Solution. Mobile workforces can easily collaborate and share critical information in real-time, and with cellular-enabled tablets, employees in the field can stay connected without having to rely on Wi-Fi.

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One partner to assemble all of the pieces

To simplify the complexities and eliminate the risks associated with launching IoT solutions, KORE builds on a strong foundation of global, managed connectivity from tier 1 providers. That way we can offer our customers cellular-enabled routers and gateways from leading manufacturers supported by a suite of professional services for fully managed, plug-and-play solutions.

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Accelerated deployments that maximize IoT investments

By partnering with KORE, you benefit from a single source provider for truly comprehensive IoT hardware management. Our comprehensive mobile device management solution helps organizations monitor, secure, and control IoT devices with tracking, identity management, and data protection capabilities.

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Continuous, reliable network connectivity

End-to-end 4G LTE failover and primary internet solutions ensure business continuity by increasing network availability for high-speed bandwidth applications such as retail kiosks, vending, ATM machines, food trucks, and mobile healthcare clinics. KORE bundles cellular-enabled routers and gateways with cellular connectivity to deliver a turnkey solution for seamless failover so customers are always-on-regardless of location.

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Device certification

KORE Managed Device Certification services will help get your devices to market faster through a process that is timely, efficient, and cost-effective. Through our relationship with more than 25 global carriers, our in-depth knowledge of the PTCRB Board – with a KORE team member as the Working Group Chair – we can ensure you get the correct certification you need.

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Ensuring you stay ahead with the next generation of IoT technology

Leveraging nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT with complete, global IoT management capabilities. We enable your IoT vision with seamless execution and a constant focus on maximizing the return on your IoT investments.

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