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Global Disaster Relief: IoT to the Rescue!

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Massive IoT – the concept of ubiquitous deployment of sensor and actuators that can communicate around the globe – is the leading technology in the fight against human suffering from climate change and other disasters. Global communication networks, intelligence at the edge and in the cloud, and split-second latency all have roles to play. This session will cover how the spread of IoT technology is helping disaster response today, with special emphasis on use-cases that are already being deployed in the field.

Panel Moderator: Renil Paramel, CEO & Co-Founder, Strategy of Things.


Hear From Panelists:
  • Curtis Govan, President, Americas, floLIVE
  • Erik Kling, President & Head of IoT Americas, Vodafone Business
  • Carmen Redondo, Director of Global Marketing for Antennas, KYOCERA AVX
  • Tushar Sachdev, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Analytics, KORE