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Communications Service Providers

KORE provides a powerful connectivity management platform, core network, and private networking capabilities to bring your communications solutions to market with ease and speed.

Complete Solutions for IoT Communications

With a global footprint, trusted carrier relationships, and a flexible IoT infrastructure, KORE can bring your solutions to market faster and at the most feasible cost. KORE gives Communications Service Providers the tools and services needed for transformative IoT growth.

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Digital Transformation Enable highly engaged solutions and operational efficiencies - all with reduced time to market. KORE can help.
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Scalable infrastructure Get global multi-tenancy managed all from one location. KORE can help.
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Drive Business Insight Collect and use advanced analytics to uncover business insights, opportunities, and reduce operational costs. KORE can help.
Connectivity Management platform as a Service (CMPaas)

Single Platform for Global IoT Connectivity Management

Bring your own connectivity (BYOC) and manage your connectivity solutions with KORE ConnectivityPro™ – a self-service platform that manages IoT subscriptions from one interface. Get a single-pane view of all your connected devices throughout their lifecycle from provisioning, activation, suspension, monitoring, billing, and more. Gain advanced insight with customizable dashboards on cycle-to-date and monthly usage, overage violations, inventory status, rate plan allocation graphs, and more.

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Core Network as a Service (CNaaS)

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler Services

Get more control over the connectivity services you resell or use for your own IoT applications, as well as hosting third-party carrier contracts on the core network. CNaaS provides a high degree of freedom, flexibility, and self-sufficiency when it comes to managing connectivity, including network slicing for specific use case requirements (security or regulatory driven). Built and hosted on our network independent, multi-tenant MVNE platform - customers can launch an MVNO with minimum upfront investment and avoid permanent lock-in by any Mobile Network Operator.

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Private Network as a Service (PNaaS)

Optimize Resources in the Network

Private connectivity solutions are required where existing solutions like WiFi or public networks do not meet business requirements, like cost, mobility, quality of service and security. KORE provides a turn-key solution (licensed [Private LTE/5G] or unlicensed [LoRa]) that delivers the network coverage, capacity, and control for business-critical automation and mobility needs. KORE also supports the convergence of public and private cellular network solutions on a single SIM card.

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The Simplest Path to Scale Your IoT Deployments
KORE empowers companies to drive their digital transformational initiatives, enabling highly engaged solutions and operational efficiencies - all with reduced time to market

Expert help to get you up and running fast

KORE offers a full suite of services built around decades of expertise and designed to make planning, deployment, and management of connectivity a simple, streamlined process.


KORE expertise brings your solutions to market faster

A slow lag time to market can seriously affect profitability, which is why KORE provides an entire suite of expert deployment and forward logistics to streamline your IoT rollout. With order and inventory management, staging and kitting, site assessment, and installation activation, KORE manages each step to let you focus on your innovation.


KORE operation services keep your solutions running seamlessly

Once an IoT solution is up and running, it still needs full-scale management to help realize the greatest ROI. Moving operations management from in-house to a trusted partner in KORE, you can focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us. From help desk support and service assurance all the way to endpoint and network monitoring, KORE works seamlessly in the background for streamlined IoT operations. 


Ensuring you stay ahead with the next generation of IoT technology

Leveraging nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT with complete, global IoT management capabilities. We enable your IoT vision with seamless execution and a constant focus on maximizing the return on your IoT investments.

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