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How AI and 5G Will Impact IoT in the Next Decade

828x640 EB IoT 2021 Adoption of AI and 5G

The buzz around artificial intelligence and 5G will be realized as we move into the next decade, but how will it impact IoT? With low powerwide area networks (LPWAN) perfectly suited for IoT devices, the high speed and low latency of 5G doesn’t seem to quite fit with the needs for IoT deployments. And while artificial intelligence is an exciting prospect for technology development, how exactly does it line up with the use cases for IoT? In this whitepaper, read more about how these new technologies will be adopted in line with IoT.

Download the whitepaper, “The Future of IoT: Adoption of AI and 5G” to learn:
  • Practical applications of LPWAN, 5G and IoT
  • Artificial intelligence merging into AIoT
  • The benefits of new technologies to IoT