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Unlock the Power of 5G and IoT with KORE

KORE can get you there – whether it’s 5G, Massive or Critical IoT Connectivity – Let’s Get Started.

Power Your IoT Solution with Speed, Reliability

IoT connectivity options have never been better as 5G rolls out, LPWA makes its mark as a reliable, cost-effective option for Massive and Critical IoT, and 4G LTE continues to support high speed requirements.

Massive IoT With low power consumption and wide coverage, LPWA Massive IoT connectivity provides reliable connectivity for the entire lifecycle of your devices without the high costs.
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Critical IoT Critical IoT applications with extremely low latency and high uptime provides higher coverage and fast data transmission deliver information quickly utilizing the power of 5G.
Transition Enablement The new standard enables 5G and 4G to work in tandem. KORE can help companies navigate their path forward through network migrations and compatibility analysis.
Harnessing the Power of 5G

5G is the powerful, high-speed, low-latency connectivity option to deliver large data transmission at high velocity to power your private network deployment.

KORE can apply 5G to your business case to enable computing all the way to the edge with analytics and security insights for actionable intelligence.

Mission-critical IoT solutions that require lightning-fast communication of large data packets are beginning the adoption of 5G. With 5G, innovation is boundless and borderless. Its reliable connectivity goes wherever your devices and hardware go, and remote work can be easily powered by virtual private networks – KORE can get you there.


Reliable connectivity for lower data communications and extended battery life supported by LPWA

Massive IoT is designed to consume small amounts of data from enormous numbers of devices making it a natural compliment to LPWA networks already supporting LTE technologies such as NB-IoT and LTE-M. NB-IoT works best indoors for smart home applications and smart metering, whereas LTE-M works well with devices that require mobility and voice, especially in hard-to-reach locations. Low data flow and extended battery life already utilizing current networks will only further the capabilities of 5G as the network footprint grows. Whatever your business needs, KORE can help identify how to connect you with Massive IoT.

5G & 4G LTE for cellular longevity

Cellular becomes a long-term stakeholder in connectivity investments for IoT

While early adopters and consumers make the move to 5G, 4G LTE bandwidth and speed is expected to increase, providing a reliable, high-speed cellular connectivity for IoT solutions. Combined with 5G, this network is built for longevity allowing it to be a future-forward connectivity option for IoT devices requiring cellular connectivity.

Connectivity for the Future

For the most future-forward connectivity choice, eSIM remote provisioning stands the test of time

Connectivity developments can be thrilling for the development of technology solutions but can make planning for the future difficult. You want your devices to last as long as possible without the worry of connectivity transitions. Which is why eSIM is the revolutionary, future-proof choice for your devices. With embedded connectivity and remote and auto-provisioning capabilities, you’ll never need to physically swap SIMs during a carrier or network change. With embedded connectivity, you’ll never need to physically swap SIMs during a carrier or network change. eSIM easily opens up global connectivity.  

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The IoT Revolution: Connectivity Options and 5G as the New Standard
Nearly every industry vertical will be impacted by 5G, whether it's now or in the near future. The 5G network will power incredible developments in IoT, while being the new standard that supports Massive and Critical IoT communications. If you’re ready to step into the future of IoT, KORE can help.

Real-Time Communications in Fleet

For fleet telematics, 5G will enable drivers to download high-definition maps in real-time, as well as provide high-speed connectivity needed for risk assessment and blind spot information.

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Mission-Critical Connected Healthcare Communications

From connecting paramedics to hospitals, to remote recovery and remote patient monitoring that allows for patients to rest and recover at home, all under the watch of medical care. Post-operative, chronic condition care, and high visibility for recovery from illnesses like COVID-19 require reliable communication of vitals to providers.

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Powering a Smart Supply Chain

The asset tracking and supply chain IoT transformation will only continue to grow as connected devices are supported with reliable and powerful connectivity. Reliable and powerful connectivity for condition-monitoring and location tracking sensors, plus deep data insights for informed decision making is the backbone of this IoT solution.

Learn About IoT-Driven Assets

Manufacturing and Machines

The future of the industrial and manufacturing sectors involve robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence – all which will require the ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC) powered by 5G.

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Accelerated Time to Market with 5G Speed

KORE industry specific managed services portfolio offers end-to-end support of your IoT lifecycle to deploy your 5G use case seamlessly for maximum profitability and operational efficiency.

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The Best Connectivity for Any IoT Application

With plans from 24 global carriers and counting and a full range of SIM card options, KORE can help you ensure that you’ve got the connectivity you need to enable the most advanced IoT services – around the globe. We offer LTE, Cat-M, narrowband IoT, satellite, and more – with plan sizes ranging from 50kb to 100Gb+. And with a full suite of traditional SIM and eSIM offerings, you’ll achieve the flexible, seamless connectivity you just can’t get from a single carrier.

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