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Water Conservation and Soil Monitoring Through IoT with GroundWorx

Download the case study, “KORE eSIM Supporting Water Conservation and Soil Monitoring Innovation”

GroundWorx is a technology company focused on innovating water conservation and soil monitoring in recreation and agricultural use cases. By burying sensors in the ground and using cellular connectivity, its sensors give end users a complete picture of soil conditions to help make data-driven decisions on watering. In fact, GroundWorx Founder and CEO Brad Davis has estimated that users can save up to 30 percent on water bills by leveraging the solution. 

Read the case study to find out more about the GroundWorx solution and how IoT makes it possible, including:
  • Why a cellular solution is less disruptive to end users
  • Why GroundWorx chose KORE’s eSIM, OmniSIMTM
  • Two GroundWorx customer success stories