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Value Added Services - Content and Messaging

Get innovative content and two-way message-based services – adding new revenue streams.

Our Experts Build the Right Content and Messaging Offer you Need

Are you facing issues with customer engagement, reducing churn and monetize your existing customer base? It is time to bring more value to your customers, build loyalties and make your customers happy. It’s time for KORE.

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RETAIN We combine technology and brand partnerships to deliver churn reduction offers to our customers. KORE can help.
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MONETIZE We design compelling and premium customers interactions to create new revenue streams for our customers. KORE can help.
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INNOVATE We bring customer engagement programs to deliver unique differentiation and customer experience. KORE can help.
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Engage with your customers that drive addiction to your brand, spread the word and generate new revenue.

Loyalty starts with offers and services that deliver value to your customers and reinforce their passion for your brand. We deliver engaging content & VAS to your subscribers, from simple SMS alerts to fun games to win exclusive rewards or just coupons or points from your sponsors to promote brand awareness and boost purchases.

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Transform simple customer interaction into an engaging, exciting and interactive journey and get rewarded for it.

Engage with your customers with the right media, the right content at the right time is crucial and requires key elements to consider. At KORE, we offer sophisticated tools to boost revenue and reduce costs, covering everything from pricing analytics, churn management to personalized promotions, segmented campaigns management and rewards.

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Focus on your activities and let us take care of the rest from the marketing design of a campaign to service launch.

Time constraint is crucial when launching new and compelling offers into the market. To meet this tight objective, KORE advises you and handles the interconnects and core infrastructure so that you can get to market faster, with the offers that your customers demand.

Enrich Your Customer Experience
Today, companies are facing significant challenges to engage with their end-customers. Our goal is to help our customers build an innovative, unique and rich user journey to interact with them.

The right IoT data plan for any application

With plans from 24 global carriers and counting and a full range of SIM technologies, KORE can help you ensure that you’ve got the connectivity you need to enable the most advanced IoT services around the globe. We offer LTE, Cat-M, narrowband IoT, satellite, and more – with plan sizes ranging from 50kb to 100Gb+. And with a full suite of traditional SIM and eSIM offerings, you’ll achieve the flexible, seamless connectivity you just can’t get from a single carrier.

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Monitoring, management, and control for every IoT connection

Our refined platform makes managing global connectivity as quick and easy as it should be. That’s because KORE ConnectivityPro brings together all the advanced functions you need to manage every network connection across multiple carriers and satellite providers as one. Whether it’s ordering, provisioning, or activating new services; monitoring usage and identifying issues; or analysing trends to improve performance – ConnectivityPro provides a single, unified platform that can do it all.

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One carrier-agnostic eSIM for flexible, future-proof connectivity

KORE offers a single eSIM that can be deployed as either an embedded or removable card. IoT-grade and ruggedized, our eSIMs can operate in a wide range of environments and can be programmed remotely based on GSMA eSIM specifications.
With KORE eSIM offerings that support multiple carrier profiles and remote SIM provisioning, you’ll benefit from the most flexible, future-proof IoT connectivity solution available today.

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Your Expert Partner in eSIM Technology

Leveraging decades of IoT knowledge and experience, we simplify the complexity of launching eSIM so you can achieve your goals quickly and hassle-free. With a full suite of global IoT management capabilities and a full set of hand-picked solutions that are designed to just work, we’re making it easier than ever to get eSIM up and running. Book sometime with one of our experts today – and learn how we can help your business get ahead with eSIM.

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