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Dedicated Management of IoT Operations Accelerates Time to Value

Leave the Management of Daily Responsibilities to Us

Unless your IoT operations are properly managed on an ongoing basis, you won’t realize the enhanced performance that drives business value. That’s why KORE offers full support for the day-to-day management of your IoT environment to make sure everything is working to specific application and performance requirements. Let us remove the burden of time-consuming, day-to-day tasks so your teams can focus on what matters most to the business.

IoT Help Desk Support
Help Desk Support

Get the answers you need to resolve issues quickly and keep the business moving.

If endpoints aren’t working properly, it impacts your entire IoT ecosystem and your business. That’s why connectivity and performance issues need to be resolved fast, so you need skilled and trained resources to quickly address end-user questions. KORE offers a Tier 1 support service that manages everything from ticket assignment to issue logging and tracking with the luxury of a single point of contact throughout the entire process. With that expertise at your fingertips, you can scale your operational support so that it grows along with your business.

IoT device service assurance
Service Assurance

Troubleshoot solution component issues with expertise and precision.

Because IoT solutions are made up of many technologies with different components, it can be difficult and time-consuming to determine the root cause when problems arise. With service assurance from KORE, you get well-orchestrated support escalation and resolution that expertly troubleshoots complex issues down to the component level. Aside from removing obstacles that get in the way of business performance, this type of Tier 2 and 3 technical support can significantly reduce your operational expenses.

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MNO Operations

Leverage the collective expertise of leading mobile network operators (MNOs) to accelerate time to market.

Before your IoT solution is ready to be deployed, it requires the effective integration of complex pieces of technology. That’s why KORE collaborates with leading wireless providers to deliver multi-MNO joint operational support for order, activation, and troubleshooting to expedite corrective action and keep your IoT operations running smoothly.

Managed services to improve your IoT device lifecycle
Managed Services

Augment your staff and expertise to optimize IoT device lifecycle management performance while minimizing TCO.

Many organizations don’t have the technical expertise or skills needed to easily manage sophisticated IoT solutions. When you have KORE working by your side, we act as a force multiplier to augment your staff so you have the ability and capacity to effectively maintain your IoT device lifecycle management, while lowering the total cost of ownership. KORE managed services can also include MDM implementation services that help define your device management requirements and policies and configure your devices accordingly.

Monitor IoT endpoints 24/7
Endpoint Monitoring

Protect IoT endpoints and ensure optimal performance around the clock.

Your endpoints never sleep, which can pose risks to security and performance. That’s why KORE monitors your endpoints 24x7. Our trained Tier 2 and 3 support resources carry out the appropriate response when alerts are triggered and initiate troubleshooting activities to resolve issues fast. We’ll also manage the introduction and rollout of firmware releases to ensure each endpoint is up to date.

360-degree view of IoT network
Network Monitoring

Gain a 360-degree view of everything going on in your network to prevent downtime

You could conceivably dedicate your IT staff to monitoring the endless activity across your network, but in reality, you need to focus your resources on initiatives that drive the business. That’s a common scenario, which is why we monitor your network for you to prevent degradation or disruption that can impact IoT solutions. We have a real-time view into performance and security, allowing us to immediately detect and correct any issues before they can do any harm.

IoT devices continuous software updates
Release Management

Optimize your IoT implementation by keeping up with continuous software updates.

As part of your IoT strategy, it’s important to go beyond monitoring to include ongoing configuration and maintenance, without carrying the expense of dedicated technical expertise and in-house support staff. We’ll manage firmware and configuration releases for cloud-connected endpoints, including testing release updates in a development environment and working with you to roll them out to production endpoints taking care of your IoT device lifecycle management.

Expert IoT services for fast, frictionless deployment

Delivering amazing IoT services is about all those little things that aren’t so little – having hardware at the ready in case of a failure, getting devices into your customers’ hands quickly, and reducing the time it takes to manage your supply chain. At KORE, we know that getting all the little things right is actually a really big deal. If you’re ready to learn how a little expertise can yield some big returns, we’re ready to help.

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