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2020 Global IoT Managed Services Competitive Strategy Leadership Award

828x640 Report Frost Sullivan Award 2021

KORE was recognized by Frost and Sullivan as a leader in the IoT Managed Services industry with the 2020 Best Practices Competitive Strategy Leadership Award. As an IoT enabler with presence across 190 countries and more than 6,200 active customers, KORE manages more than 13 million devices on behalf of its clients.

The inherent complexity of the Internet of Things (IoT) makes it challenging for businesses to deploy, manage, and scale IoT solutions. Without the expertise and resources needed to successfully launch a new IoT initiative, companies turn to strategic partners for the IoT managed services needed to simplify their IoT deployments.

Download the report, “2020 Global IoT Managed Services Competitive Strategy Leadership Award” to learn:

  • The strategic imperatives that impact the IoT industry
  • Best practices criteria for world-class performance
  • How KORE helps simplify IoT adoption and helps businesses scale their deployments