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Watch Our CEO Discuss the Future of Connected Health at IMC IoT Days 2020

Connected Health

Next-generation Healthcare and Life Sciences require an expert approach to IoT. We offer a full suite of technology and solutions, including data telemetry, to help bring solutions to market faster, compliantly, and scalable.
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Healthcare Life Sciences
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Carrier Agnostic Avoid carrier lock-in and provide Connected Health solutions no matter where your devices and patients are located.
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Seamless Data Telemetry Bypass the complexity and turn to the experts to get your data using your encryption keys.
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Reliable and Secure Your mission-critical data is highly protected and reliably communicated.

The Future of Connected Health is Now

Use cases for IoT powering Connected Health are making a strong foothold in the healthcare industry. See how KORE can enable technology enhancements for better patient care and provider profitability.

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Artificial pancreas enabled by IoT for Connected Health

Continuous glucose monitoring allows for comprehensive, non-invasive diabetes management, and it is powered by the IoT platforms, connectivity, Mobile Device Management, and more. Get a jump on the future of chronic disease management with Connected Health.


Empower patients and providers with comprehensive heart monitoring

Pairing devices, platforms, cloud storage, connectivity, and more, IoT-enabled cardiac rhythm monitoring provides better healthcare solutions for those with chronic cardiac conditions. KORE helps you deploy, but also manage Connected Health solutions through our professional services.

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Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems

Making safety and healthcare access mobile and secure

With out-of-the-box connectivity and regulatory compliant managed services, next-generation Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) applications are given greater speed-to-market and global reach. KORE device provisioning, data telemetry solutions, forward and reverse logistics, and anywhere connectivity lessens the complexity of mPERS solutions.

Connected Health Data Telemetry

Accessing your application's data shouldn't be difficult

KORE can help. With integratable connected health data telemetry solutions, KORE manages the complexity of securely and reliably accessing patient data. Your data is communicated using your encryption keys.

Ensuring you stay ahead with the next generation of IoT technology

Leveraging nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE brings sophisticated IoT solutions to market with ease. We enable your Connected Health vision with seamless execution and professional services to help you deploy, manage, and scale.

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