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KORE Expands Services for Connected Health and Life Sciences


Integron is an Internet of Things (IoT) Managed Services company that serves the connected health and life sciences industries. With the acquisition of Integron, KORE is equipped to manage the complexities of enterprise healthcare IoT solutions by offering a comprehensive set of services and technology with an unmatched level of regulatory compliance.

Integron is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Certified and holds an FDA Registration for medical device contract manufacturing and re-packaging/re-labeling. Integron’s HIPAA-compliant order desk and PCI-compliant credit card processing offer privacy and convenience, and asset management mean clients have tracking and traceability every step of the way to help ensure FDA regulatory compliance.

Integron’s logistic services run the gamut based on client needs, ranging from direct-to-patient or bulk fulfillment to hospitals or clinics, including prescriptive and non-prescriptive devices. When the time comes for recovery of the device, they offer kits for both direct-to-patient recovery, as well as bulk recovery from hospitals and clinics. They take care of every detail: sanitizing, testing, cosmetic repair, redeployment, and more. Integron make sure inventory is segregated between client, hospital, and clinic, and even provides regulatory reporting to CAPA.

"KORE has a deep set of expertise around connectivity solutions that go beyond Integron’s current capabilities, so we’re going to be able to leverage those and provide new services to our existing customers”

Bryan Lubel, President of Integron

Watch the video to see what new services and capabilities KORE offers with the acquisition of Integron:

  • FDA Compliant Facilities for Medical Device Handling
  • Deep Experience in Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Sourcing and Certification of Advanced, Innovative Medical-Grade Monitoring Devices

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