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Long-Term Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring Increase Technology’s Viability

remote patient monitoring whitepaper

Remote patient monitoring has been in the market for less than a decade, having made traction in treating chronic ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. Recently, this IoT solution has seen an increase in use due in part to changes in Current Procedural Terminology codes made by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. As this technology becomes more lucrative to providers, the adoption will become more widespread.

A shift from chronic to acute treatment through remote patient monitoring may be anticipated as providers search for ways of treating COVID-19 patients while reducing risk of exposure. Between better patient outcomes and increased healthcare revenue, this technology is expected to gain a strong foothold in the Connected Health industry.

Download the whitepaper, “Remote Patient Monitoring: Steady Revenue for Healthcare, Better Patient Outcomes” to learn:
  • How CPT codes can help broaden RPM use
  • Why a shift from chronic to acute care will benefit technology adoption
  • What is needed for a successful deployment