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Certify Your IoT Devices

Bring your IoT solutions to market swiftly and effortlessly.

Navigating Government, Industry, and Operator Certification Requirements

KORE's trusted certification process provides support in understanding the scope of your device certification, identifies required certifications based on product capabilities, operating regions and regulatory requirements and oversees the implementation to ensure your devices meet the standards of operation.


What are Certified Devices?

Certified devices have gone through the process to authenticate their connectivity capabilities against specific requirements. These certification requirements for operation are put in place by industry, local regulatory and network providers based on the operating region.


The Importance of Device Certification

IoT devices that do not meet certification regulations can cause interference for other nearby devices and networks, potentially impacting network availability and performance while also posing a security liability. The certification process ensures that devices maintain a safe and reliable connection that does not compromise the surrounding global wireless networks.  

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Achieve Compliance with Confidence

Device Certification can be time consuming and costly, especially if a failed certification results in your company having to redesign major parts of the product. KORE's experts initiate and complete the certification process on your behalf to expedite completion and avoid pitfalls by creating an effective plan to meet the regulatory requirements with the lowest investment expense. 

KORE Certification Types

Each country and industry have specific certification types with various requirements that devices must meet to ensure network interoperability.


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A Trusted Advisor and Leader in Certifications

To ensure successful deployment of any IoT initiative, it’s imperative to find a partner with a proven track record of taking IoT devices through a streamlined accreditation process. KORE has a direct relationship with over a dozen of the world’s largest carriers and test labs, is an integral part of the certification ecosystem and has managed hundreds of customer device certifications.

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