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eSIM and the Power of Zero-Touch Provisioning

Watch KORE and MultiTech on-demand at eSIM Summit during Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023.

Zero-touch provisioning is one of the hallmark benefits of eSIM for IoT. Massive IoT, particularly, is the utilization of hundreds or thousands of devices in a single IoT application. For example, an organization that sells fleet IoT devices might distribute a batch of 10,000 devices across a large regional, national, or even global base of customers. Being able to configure those devices using a switch feature allows for that organization to quickly get those network devices deployed while removing much of the traditional manual labor involved.

KORE expert Niklas Ekarv and MultiTech’s Daniel Quant dive into the details of eSIM and zero-touch provisioning during the eSIM Summit at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023. Download the on-demand recording of the panel “eSIM: Enabling the Age of Zero-Touch Provisioning” to learn:

  • The importance of zero-touch provisioning to large-scale and global IoT
  • How eSIM enables zero-touch provisioning
  • What this functionality means to the future of IoT