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IoT for Good: Location-Based Services Aids in Sustainability

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You already know IoT can help your business. But did you know that IoT can help the planet at the same time?

To achieve global climate goals, we must reduce methane emissions while also urgently reducing carbon dioxide emissions,” explains climate scientist Drew Shindell. “The good news is that most of the required actions bring not only climate benefits but also health and financial benefits, and all the technology needed is already available.”

IoT and location-based services are part of the technological solution. They allow fleet managers to set smart sustainability goals and meet them — all while improving efficiency and productivity.


Download the eBook, “IoT for Good: Location-Based Services Aids in Sustainability”
  • Why the shipping industry emits more greenhouse gases than most countries
  • The importance of calculating your fleet footprint
  • Why reporting and analytics are the first step to sustainability