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GreenV, a startup within AZ Energy, is an electromobility in Brazil and a leader in installing charging points in the country. The company already has 2,500 charging stations covering all Brazilian states. The client portfolio includes Porsche, Volkswagen Trucks, Unilever, among others. GreenV is responsible for installing the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles of several automotive industries, as well fleet companies.

With a focus on distribution, installation of chargers for electric vehicles and technology for electromobility, GreenV uses KORE connectivity to communicate data at the time of charging with the management platform. This enables the adjustment of the charging rate according to the needs and electrical capacity of each vehicle. To make this process smart and secure, it relies on KORE's IoT technology to ensure customers have information on consumed energy, individualized payment system and remote control of the recharge operation. 

GreenV Station

The Challenge 

GreenV's CEO, Junior Miranda, explains that the company uses technology to serve businesses in various segments, such as fleet, retail chain, transportation companies or even malls, hotels, and hospitals. Having to deal with several suppliers and technologies would be difficult, which led GreenV to KORE, where they find diversity of technologies and national connectivity coverage from a single vendor.  

“When I say technology, I mean it broadly: the hardware, which is the charging equipment, and the software, which is the application made for those who use an electric vehicle. With it, connected to KORE, it is possible to identify the recharge points compatible with the vehicle in a specific route and be able to charge it appropriately. We also have a solution that manages all the recharge points, that is, the assets,” Miranda said. 

The Solution

 Some charging points do not have any type of connectivity, so GreenV developed a “plug and play” device that makes them smart, and the partnership with KORE was essential to connect those chargers. “KORE's solution was developed with the customer need in mind and allows us to scale the project with efficiency and quality. So, that is precisely why we consider this partnership to be very important”, said Miranda.

Another KORE differentiator is the solution offered to monitor charging points. David Souza, Technology Director at KORE, explains that “Using this tool, it is possible to identify if any equipment has crashed or is transferring too much data. This allows the customer to analyze and make any necessary adjustments. In addition, it is possible to update the system remotely.” 


The Results

GreenV is working towards doubling its revenue by the end of 2023, “It is a very promising and aggressive growth, backed by the market. No doubt, we can count on the KORE partnership with this challenge,” Miranda said.  

About KORE

KORE is a pioneer, leader, and trusted advisor delivering mission critical IoT solutions and services. We empower organizations of all sizes to improve operational and business results by simplifying the complexity of IoT. Our deep IoT knowledge and experience, global reach, purpose-built solutions, and deployment agility accelerate and materially impact our customers’ business outcomes. 

For more information, visit www.korewireless.com 

About GreenV 

GreenV, are a startup that was born to become the biggest reference in Electric Mobility Technology in Brazil. With a focus on distribution, installation of chargers for electric vehicles and technology for electromobility, always seeking to innovate and bring to this segment the excellence and quality expected in all aspects of our business. 

For more information, visit www.greenv.com.br/ 

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LI ZHANG | Chief Technology, AmpUp

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