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KORE Named 2022 Competitive Strategy Leader by Frost & Sullivan

Frost and Sullivan LP image

KORE is excited to announce it has been named a 2022 Competitive Strategy Leader in the Global Internet of Things Professional Services Industry by research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

The criteria in this award include many key points under the two umbrellas of strategy innovation and customer impact, of which KORE excels in many of those criteria, the report states.

“KORE continues to deliver rewarding and valuable user experiences via its commitment to innovation excellence, which ensures its portfolio remains up to date with best-in-class technology that complements and addresses customer needs. KORE’s validation system, for example, differentiates from the competition as being fully automated, ensuring identity and security of the kits.”

-Carina Gonçalves, Industrial Principal, Information Communication Technology

Read the report to learn how KORE:
  • Offers best-in-class strategies that drive differentiation
  • Builds trust through a customer-centric approach
  • Shows promise for continued growth and solution delivery