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Preparing for 5G Standalone

Watch this webinar of KORE discussing 5G at the Telco Cloud and Edge Forum 2023.

The potential of 5G Standalone is tremendous, but it is still a few years away. Many network operators have built early 5G solutions off 4G LTE as 5G Non-Standalone. The true capabilities of 5G – ultra speed, low latency, and high throughput – are yet to come as operators work to deploy 5G Standalone.

KORE Vice President of High Bandwidth and Fixed Wireless Jeff Noska joined a panel of industry experts at Telco Cloud and Edge Forum 2023 focused on 5G. Download the on-demand recording of “From Non-Standalone to Standalone 5G: Have We Arrived at the Promised Land?” to learn:

  • The capabilities of 5G Standalone
  • Not-so-distant future use cases leveraging 5G Standalone
  • How telcos can prepare service offerings in preparation for 5G Standalone