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IoT Hyperscaler: Data Transmission and Analytics for Peak IoT Success

Download the eBook “A Mini Guide to IoT Hyperscalers.”

A hyperscaler is a provider that can supply ease and scalability in the market based on a set of solutions. The term has traditionally been used for cloud hyperscalers, but the concept of IoT hyperscaler is being solidified as the move to IoT commoditization grows.  What exactly does an IoT hyperscaler mean?  Hyperscalers do more than just connect data to the cloud and have you considered the role an IoT core plays?  

Download this Mini Guide to IoT hyperscalers to learn about the convergence of cloud, IoT, and how hyperscalers apply, including:
  • The role of hyperscalers in IoT
  • How hyperscalers are changing with the needs of IoT
  • Why KORE and Google Platform are collaborating to bring simplicity to IoT