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KORE at CES: The Strategy of Things

Watch this webinar of KORE presenting “Strategy of Things” at CES 2023.

IoT has the potential to revolutionize business operations in key industries but this technology sector comes with significant complexities. Regulatory compliance, connectivity networks, device procuring and activating, logistics, and much more can stud the path to launch and management with hurdles. IoT solutions that begin with a holistic strategy to manage the critical elements of IoT can enhance success.

KORE SVP Pete West gave the keynote address at IMC’s IoT Week at CES 2023 to discuss this in detail. 

Watch the on-demand recording “Strategy of Things: Crucial Elements to IoT Success” to learn:
  • Why IoT is so complex?
  • The seven common obstacles to IoT.
  • Why a comprehensive strategy can mitigate these challenges?