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Recession-Proofing with IoT

Download the webinar “Equalize Economic Uncertainty with IoT: How to Utilize IoT to Balance the Scales.”

Does digital solutions adoption increase during challenging economic times? In short, yes. While making upfront investments in the Internet of Things and digital solutions might seem counterintuitive to bracing for economic hardship, the benefits justify the cost by creating efficiencies, optimizing resources, and overcoming workforce challenges. Even as the economy shows signs of potentially avoiding a recession in 2023, digital investment is a proactive way to recession-proof for the future.


Watch KORE and IDC’s on-demand webinar detailing why the shift to digital adoption heightens during economic uncertainty and what business outcomes can be achieved through IoT. Topics include:
  • Why technology adoption increases during economic uncertainty
  • Where IoT falls in the consideration of digital transformation
  • How IoT can help mitigate challenges during challenging economic times and beyond