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Top Challenges in IoT Identified: Here’s How to Overcome Them

eSIM for Fleet 312 LP

Connectivity has supercharged the world of shipping. A strong cellular connection underpins dozens of fleet technologies, from smart cameras to cargo tracking. But what happens when the fleet wants to switch carriers? When a shipment leaves a coverage zone? Or when old networks are phased out?

For years, network changes and device deployments was a very physical process of swapping out SIM cards. eSIM, with its downloadable profiles, however, has changed that entirely.

The upshot is that fleets can manage eSIM devices with zero-touch provisioning – they can change and upgrade the network with no need to physically switch a SIM out. It’s also a streamlined approach to logistics management by allowing a bulk provisioning, single-SKU method of deploying connected fleet devices.

For fleets, which can have thousands of connected devices, this is a game-changer.

Download the eBook, “eSIM: Future-Proofing the Connected Fleet” to learn:
  • What makes eSIM different from the SIM cards that came before
  • How carrier-agnostic connectivity can revolutionize fleet management solutions
  • How zero-touch provisioning can save fleets time and money