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LoRaWAN for Wide Area and Hybrid Networking

Download the eBook “LoRaWAN expands to cover wide area and hybrid networking.”

Quickly gaining steam in the IoT industry, LoRaWAN is a cost-effective, low power wide area (LPWA) network that can be leveraged in large-scale Massive IoT applications. Whether deployed as a public, private, or hybrid network, LoRaWAN can meet the needs of resilient, low-power connectivity without the cost requirements associated with licensed, cellular connectivity.

Analyst firm Transforma Insights details LoRaWAN use cases, market opportunities, and tips for success in this analyst report. Download the eBook to learn:

•    The benefits and growth of LoRaWAN
•    Mature and emerging use cases for this network connectivity
•    A case study featuring KORE’s LoRaWAN platform, KORA