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KORE and Vehicle Tracking Solutions – a Partnership of Mutual Growth

Things change in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry – and they change quickly. As new capabilities and functionalities become available, your business needs to deliver. In fact, your customers demand that you do. So how do companies like Vehicle Tracking Solutions not only build a solid foundation for success but also leave themselves open to future innovation? They establish a partnership with IoT advisors and enablers that are prepared to grow with them.

Over their ten-year history, Vehicle Tracking Solutions and KORE have done some amazing things. But what’s even more impressive is how they’ve leveraged their partnership and the changing landscape of IoT to grow their business together. What started as a need to integrate numerous cellular carriers evolved to include many more professional services.

The ability of KORE to adapt to the changing needs of the team at Vehicle Tracking Solutions has resulted in a long-lasting partnership, in which both parties thrive and grow together.

“Obviously in technology there are challenges – and the responsiveness and the support that KORE has been able to provide to us over the years has been paramount and absolutely excellent for us.”

- Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer, Vehicle Tracking Solutions

To learn more about the services that started this partnership, connectivity and carrier management, download our Insight Report interview with Steven Baker, Vice President of Product Management at KORE.

This report explores the intricacies of IoT connectivity and carrier management as well as:
  • The various types of IoT connectivity technologies, and considerations for selecting the optimal solution
  • Key factors that are important when engaging an IoT network connectivity provider
  • Some of the common IoT connectivity management challenges that businesses face, and suggestions for alleviating them
  • Insights on emerging technologies such as eSIM and Multi-IMSI and the role they play in IoT