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KORE eSIM, Global Presence Help Bring mPERS Solution to Market

828x640 Vidapoint LP image

Global Wireless Health had one innovative idea and its powerful Vidapoint™ platform. The company wanted to provide global, out-of-the-box mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) to developing and emerging regions and countries. Part of being able to do that, was to have a device that could natively connect to cellular networks, and not put the onus of sourcing connectivity on the end user. They needed an expert, global connectivity provider, so they turned to KORE.

Download the case study, “eSIM Enables International mPERS Initiative” to learn:
  • How the KORE eSIM met the challenges of deploying a connected health solution
  • Why eSIM is a global, future-proof connectivity option
  • How KORE international presence and carrier relationships enable true, global offerings at a faster time to market