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IoT in Hyperscalers: Facing the New IoT Landscape

Watch the on-demand recording of “Facing the New IoT Landscape.”

You’ve probably heard the buzz in the media about the business impact of working with a hyperscaler but what does this mean when applied to IoT? Hyperscalers do more than just connect data to the cloud and have you considered the role an IoT core plays?  

This is where KORE comes in. KORE experts presented a live webinar to explain how to maximize next-gen IoT solutions and why the key partnership between KORE and Google Cloud helps customers capture the best success. 

Watch the on-demand recording of “Facing the New IoT Landscape” to learn:
  • The role of hyperscalers in IoT
  • How hyperscalers are changing with the needs of IoT
  • How KORE and Google Platform are collaborating to bring simplicity to IoT