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eSIM: The Future of IoT Connectivity

Watch KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl on-demand at eSIM Summit during Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023.

eSIM offers significant promise to the future of IoT. Global scalability challenges such as permanent roaming restriction are a significant area that needs addressing. In fact, it can be a linchpin to the overall economic value of IoT – with McKinsey stating that the success of IoT hinges on scalability. The longevity of IoT connectivity is also a major driver in the need for a carrier-agnostic approach to connectivity, as well as the ability of zero-touch provisioning to enable massive IoT deployment.

But eSIM is not a magic bullet, nor is it a broad terminology for other technologies on the market. KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl discussed eSIM in detail during the eSIM Summit at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023. In his presentation, he explains how the true power of eSIM lies in:

  • Customer autonomy through a carrier agnostic approach
  • Local downloadable profiles
  • Security and zero-touch provisioning