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North American Guide to Cellular Technology and Trends

NA Tech and Trends LP

With 2G and 3G network sunsets rapidly advancing and 5G rollouts increasing, it’s an important time for IoT – not just for 5G and the continued support of 4G LTE, but also low power wide area (LPWA) networks (licensed and unlicensed) and the growing role of eSIM for future-proofed, global connectivity. In this Decade of IoT, the changing landscape of cellular technologies is going to be a significant driver in the widespread adoption of IoT.

Discover key cellular technologies and IoT technology trends in the North American marketplace in this eBook, including:
  • GSMA goals in the 5G era
  • eSIM as a single SIM for global connectivity
  • Low Power Wide Area networks and Massive IoT
  • IoT security trends
  • Considerations for selecting IoT providers