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James Brehm & Associates: Internet of Things (IoT) Managed Services

Access this white paper to learn more about implementing IoT projects at Scale.

The opportunities for IoT growth are many, and yet we continue to see deployments delayed or abandoned altogether. So, what’s holding up IoT? According to a recent JDA study, 49% or respondents stated that enterprises don’t have the proper staff in place to design, implement and maintain IoT solutions. Successful implementations require expertise and talent across all areas of the Internet of Things (from hardware to software to security, and from device to cloud). Most enterprises simply do not have all of these resources in place. In addition to staff constraints, most organizations lack the experience to anticipate needs associated with interoperability, management and maintenance. Organizations have several options when developing an IoT solution, but when it comes to results, working with an IoT Managed Services provider has shown the greatest success.

In a recent white paper from James Brehm & Associates, “Internet of Things (IoT) Managed Services,” the benefits related to working with an IoT managed services provider are explored in depth. At first, IoT projects begin with aspirations of a solution that will provide results, enable growth, and drive revenue. But what happens when barriers are encountered? Bringing in an IoT managed services provider enables an organization to obtain the resources needed to identify their true business needs and the skills necessary to deploy, manage and scale their IoT-based solution. IoT managed services providers offer talent from edge device to cloud – and everything in between – including hardware, software, connectivity, and security.

Access the James Brehm & Associates White Paper, “Internet of Things (IoT) Managed Services,” to learn:
  • The challenges associated with launching IoT Initiatives
  • The options organizations have when developing IoT Solutions
  • How managed services will enable successful deployments and business results