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The Role and ROI of IoT Managed Services

Quick Guide Managed Services LP

The growth of IoT is anticipated to accelerate rapidly by 2030 with an estimated 37.4 billion connections, which is a significant increase from the reported 15.1 billion in 20211. Use cases for IoT are expected to be seen across verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, fleet, and many more, with applications in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and connected medical devices.

However, one of the complexities of IoT lies in lifecycle management, forward and reverse logistics, regulatory compliance, and connectivity management. The many moving parts running in the background to make a successful IoT solution fall under the umbrella of managed services.

Download the eBook, “A Quick Guide to IoT Managed Services” to learn:
  • What is classified as managed services in IoT deployments
  • How managed services can drive greater success in IoT solutions
  • The benefits of managed services providers