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Maximizing Edge Benefits

Telco Cloud_Max Edge LP

Edge technology enables ultra low latency and as such is a great tool for telecom operators to use for their own network but also to enable new applications and use cases. However, to provide low latency, the edge must be close to the premises and the multiple number of edge locations are becoming impossible to manage. In response to this, telcos are evolving their strategies and strengthening alliances across the globe in order to scale, unify, manage and share edge resources to deliver better customer experience and improve ROI for service providers. In this session, we discuss the edge opportunities for the telecoms’ ecosystem. We look at the strategies and roadmap for operators and their partners to manage an increasing number of edges and optimize resources. 

Hear from KORE’s very own Ronald Weststrate, VP CaaS Delivery as he discusses:
  • Types of edges and respective use cases and edge for future access network Cloud RAN 
  • Technical challenges to manage a large amount of edges
  • Tools and technologies to manage multiple edge locations and improve observability
  • Alliances, roadmap and telcos’ strategies
  • Running AI on a centralized or edge cloud & Edge and cloud continuum