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Microvisor: Architecture and Design Considerations for Modern IoT Infrastructure

Architecture and Design Considerations for Modern IoT Infrastructure

The Internet of Things is at a critical juncture. Repeating past mistakes—specifically those related to security and maintenance—will slowly but surely erode confidence in IoT, and its ability to contribute to addressing the myriad of problems that both businesses and the environment face. It’s time to change the way we work on embedded systems. 

Based on a decade of hands-on experience with the development and maintenance of real world IoT solutions, this white paper explores the unique issues and challenges that connecting devices to the Internet brings. The paper is organized into two parts.

Part I addresses a broader audience, such as IoT product/project managers and CTOs. It lays out a typical device-side IoT architecture and describes the traditional approach of implementation. It details the associated challenges and develops an argument for a different approach, now made possible through new hardware advancements. 

Part II addresses the experienced embedded engineer and explains KORE’s thinking with regard to how the above-mentioned challenges can be effectively addressed with a new architecture. 

To Learn:
  • What the unique challenges are in connecting devices securely to the Internet
  • How a microvisor-based approach addresses these challenges
  • Why a new architecture allows for unbrickable OTA firmware updates