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Guide: Security by Design for the Internet of Things

828x640 Asset eBook Security By Design

IoT is booming - in fact, Juniper Research expects over 80 billion connected IoT devices in 2025. In a recent webinar hosted by Juniper and KORE, IoT Security Through the Intersection of Intelligence & Connectivity, the industry experts noted that security for these devices is still largely unaddressed at a system level. This leaves billions of devices open to manipulation and data open to theft. IoT security is essential and must be made a priority.

Security by Design is often used as a template to think about how to design IoT devices and systems. Its principles are already present in many different sectors adjacent to the Internet of Things, and the space needs to catch up. Alongisde these frameworks, those organizations launching IoT projects need to partner with ecosystem providers, to ensure coverage of all possible angles of attack. And Connectivity is a huge part of that. Connectivity makes many of the management requirements of security by design easier, which can be aided by the deployment of eSIMs and iSIMS in many devices, and their attendant management platforms.

This eBook from Juniper Research and KORE walks through unique security challenges IoT deployments face and how building in security by design at the outset alongside an IoT security monitoring tool can truly help deliver secure, future-proofed solutions.

Download this guide, "A Guide to Security by Design for the Internet of Things" to learn:
  • The security challenges unique to the IoT space
  • How to implement security by design from concept stage to management
  • How to identify device layer and network layer threats
  • How to select an IoT security monitoring tool