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Best Practices in Business Continuity: Getting the Most out of Your Tools

828x640 Asset Webinar Best Practices in Business Continuity

As a business owner, you know that outages are inevitable, and your internet connectivity will be interrupted from time to time. You understand the risks associated with lost connectivity – lost revenues, reduced employee productivity, customer dissatisfaction, even lost brand reputation – that’s why you’ve taken the right steps to prepare your organization with a strong business continuity plan. Now that you have a secure and reliable business continuity plan in place, how do you use leverage the tools to be successful. Your wireless failover solution comes with a variety of tools to enable control and visibility to SIM and device level. In addition to providing back-up internet, the tools that come as a part of a business continuity solution provide even more visibility into and control of your connectivity. Are you aware of the vast functionality that comes with a business continuity solution?

In this on-demand webinar, KORE and Cradlepoint will review some common best practices for using the tools available with KORE's Business Connect solution. Join subject matter experts Charlie Rodriguez, Director of Channel Development for KORE, Genesis Crowder, Director of Customer Success for KORE, Peter Sundquist, National Partner Manager for Cradlepoint, and Shawn Rausch, Senior Solution Architect for Cradlepoint. This webinar includes demos of both the KORE connectivity management portal and Cradlepoint's platform for wireless WAN. You will learn how to use both tools in a meaningful way for your business.

In this webinar, "Best Practices in Business Continuity: Getting the Most out of your Tools," you will learn how you can enable business continuity and:
  • View live demonstrations and best practices for using the KORE and Cradlepoint platforms
  • How users can manage multiple SIM cards with ease in the KORE connectivity management platform
  • Ways you can monitor and control the security of your devices across geographic locations