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IoT Digital Platforms, Global Connectivity and Industrial Transformation

Access this on-demand, IoT webinar to learn more about digital platforms, global connectivity and industrial transformation
It's clear that digital transformation has accelerated the 4th Industrial revolution, which has two key attributes known to its success - increased use of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. But not to be forgotten is the key role that connectivity has to play – arguably connectivity is at the Heart of IIoT. The evolution of connectivity has been key to enable IoT at scale – with eSIM technologies on the rise. Industrial organisations are able to remotely manage SIMS including secure OTA provisioning – avoiding challenges with changing cellular tech and carrier lock-in.

So why not a quicker uptake? When we look at the *three phases of IIoT transformation to 4IR – conception, evolution and revolution – there’s a a phase before that’s never really spoken of: pre-conception. A lot of organisations have never deployed an IIoT solution before and often daunted by the scale and expertise required – in a recent survey it found that 30% of UK Manufactures surveyed say they are in the ‘pre-conception’ phase - doing nothing on 4IR. 

In a recent IMC Industrial IoT virtual event, KORE took part in the industrial network connectivity track, which took a look at very latest in developments for device connectivity in an industrial context, insights on connectivity choices for IIoT, and hot topics such as the advent of private LTE networks, the universal SIM card, and the growth of LP-WAN or NB-IoT to 5G for high-end applications.

Watch this on-demand keynote with Romil Bahl, CEO he discusses the role of digital platforms, global connectivity and industrial transformation to learn about how industrial organisations can move from the pre-conception stage and accelerate to the revolution stage. 

We also cover;
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • IIoT Landscape, Deployment Progress
  • Connectivity: the Heart of IoT – and IIoT