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Leveraging IoT Solutions in Today’s Evolving Business Environment

Watch this webinar to learn more about how IoT solutions can benefit your business.

The deployment of IoT solutions has seen an uptick due to the global pandemic as industries quickly shift tactics. Not only has IoT enabled immediate solutions to providing safe, accurate, and secure healthcare – such as remote patient monitoring and in-home health care – but it is also a way for businesses to find stability and efficiency in a reduced workforce.

IoT solutions address many of the demands of the new reality the pandemic has created – virtual services, cost reduction, business continuity, cybersecurity threats and more. The pandemic has shed new light on how the old ways of operating are outdated and automation is critical to supplement resource reductions.

IoT has numerous advantages when considering how to reach customers and how to adapt to this new way of business by providing secure solutions that can be brought to market rapidly and intelligently.

Take for example, the use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) developed by Dexcom. This healthcare IoT solution allows for passive monitoring of glucose through an applicator, a transmitter, and a smartphone – eliminating the need for patients to draw blood and use test strips throughout the day to monitor their glucose.

Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitoring system, powered by KORE IoT solutions, has become the standard of care in the healthcare industry.

In April, when hospitals began seeing the first wave of COVID-19 patients, the FDA approved the use of Dexcom’s CGM system in a hospital setting. By using the system, healthcare professionals can monitor patients’ glucose levels from a safe distance – up to 20 feet away through a closed door.

This allowed for more efficiency for an overwhelmed healthcare staff, less exposure for healthcare providers and patients, as well as saving personal protective equipment for when patient interaction was truly required.

KORE, Protiviti, and Dexcom have partnered to bring this new installment in the Enterprise Resilience Webinar series.

Download “Using IoT to Connect with Customers in Today’s Evolving Business Environment” to:
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