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Beecham Report: Successful Security Strategies and Deployments

Access this report to learn more about IoT security challenges and solutions.

As IoT adoption grows, the security challenges that face its users are increasing – so much so that IoT security was cited as one of the top concerns to those deploying IoT solutions. In fact, 42% of respondents in a recent poll said that it was their main challenge and concern. But that shouldn’t dissuade organizations from engaging in building out an IoT solution. It actually demonstrates that, because these challenges are top of mind, solutions are also being created to address them. In a recent report from Beecham Research, “Why IoT Projects Fail,” the IoT security-specific challenges and solutions were explored in depth.

In this follow-up mini-guide from Beecham Research, we explore some of the more nuanced aspects of IoT security as part of the larger solution deployment. It delves into the top anomalies solution providers should be aware of and how to build threat detection into the framework of any IoT solution. From device and SIM theft to network or device failure, a comprehensive security framework will help mitigate the fallout from unforeseen circumstances – and give you the ability to act quickly. This brief overview will shed light on some of the key security considerations when deploying an IoT solution of any kind.

Access the Beecham Research report, “Successful Security Strategies and Deployments,” to learn
  • Where the key security opportunities are for IoT solution providers
  • How to monitor and manage network traffic
  • What the key threats to IoT deployments are, including visibility and pattern anomalies