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Where AI & IoT Meet for Fleet: Innovations for Risk Mitigation

828x640 W KVV Where AI IoT Meet For Fleet

Safety behind the wheel is of utmost importance in fleet management – the consequences of accidents can be devastating. But when it comes to driving behavior, training commercial vehicle operators can only take you so far. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 94 percent of car accidents are caused by human error. The highest contributing factors to accidents are falling asleep, using a cellphone, as well as distracted driving, driving too close, and lane departure.

Artificial vision can now detect dangerous driver behavior and send rule-based, in-cabin alerts to maximize safety and prevent costly accidents, insurance premiums and litigation. Without artificial intelligence, cameras can only monitor standard safety concerns. But with AI, cameras go the furthest in protecting your drivers and fleet.

Download the webinar, “Where AI & IoT Meet for Fleet: Innovations for Risk Mitigation” to learn:
  • How in-vehicle video can prevent accidents and litigation
  • Why you will maximize your ROI
  • How KORE helps with end-to-end solutions