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KORE at CES: IoT for Connected Health

CES Healthcare LP

IoT has had a significant uptick in the healthcare market, with a market value of over $155.8 billion by 2023. Remote patient monitoring, decentralized clinical trials, telehealth and medical-grade consumer wearables are sectors well-positioned to be key areas in connected health, but issues like data privacy and security call for caution in this technology field. 

KORE Vice President of Connected Health Dan Cebula joined a panel during IMC’s IoT Week at CES 2023 to discuss this in detail.

Watch the on-demand recording of “Healthcare IoT: Wearables, Apps, and More” to learn:
  • The use cases within IoT connected health.
  • The challenges as they pertain to security and privacy.
  • What to expect as this technology sector continues to develop.