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5G, LTE, Edge and More: Key Considerations for Private Networks

Download the eBook “LTE, 5G, Edge, and More: Key Considerations for Private Networks”

The rise of 5G has led to more discussions on the applications and benefits of private networks. With the network slicing capabilities of 5G Standalone, the greater the enhancement to those benefits of private networking, creating a more complex approach to the network infrastructure than may be experienced through 4G LTE or even 5G Non-Standalone. The considerations for private networks can be more complex when integrating mobile edge computing. Learn more about the different approaches, benefits, and deployments of private networks in the eBook, “LTE, 5G, Edge, and More: Key Considerations for Private Networks.” 

Download the eBook to learn:
  • The difference in Private 5G and Private 4G LTE
  • The intersection of mobile edge computing and private networks
  • How to simplify the deployment, management, and costs associated with new network infrastructure