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Artificial Intelligence Driving Better Safety, Higher Cost-Savings for Fleet Management

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Fleet management faces many challenges – safety, cost management, risk mitigation, tracking. So much needs to be taken into consideration for a streamlined fleet, but one facet has remained elusive: driver behavior. Training can only go so far once a driver gets behind the wheel. But with in-vehicle video powered by artificial intelligence, monitoring driver behavior anywhere is a possibility.

In-vehicle video for commercial fleets is being rapidly adopted to protect drivers and fleet companies. Accidents can cause costly increases in insurance premiums and time lost due to investigations and litigation.

Standard vehicle video works well to monitor events such as harsh cornering and braking, but AI-enabled vehicle video actually monitors the human behaviors most commonly associated with accidents – unsafe lane departures, following too closely, distracted driving, cell phone use and falling asleep.

With artificial vision, in-vehicle video can monitor these behaviors and alert the driver during unsafe events to decrease the risk of collision. The video can be streamed live, or events can be captured and downloaded, or historical video can be used during investigations or to reduce insurance premiums.

Download the eBook, “Artificial Intelligence Driving Better Safety, Higher Cost-Savings for Fleet Management” to learn:
  • The benefits of in-vehicle video
  • The ROI on video for fleet management
  • What to look for in vehicle video solutions