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Leveraging a ‘Root of Trust’ for Chip-to-Cloud Security

Watch KORE on-demand at the 5G IoT Summit during Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023.

IoT has massive potential to support efficiency, enhance operations, and create new use cases through myriad applications. One concern within IoT, however, is the challenge of unified security. Deploying thousands of devices across the globe makes it difficult to secure easily, and security risks can be daunting. The industry is moving closer in developing unified security, and one such approach is IoT SAFE, which leverages the device SIM card as the root of trust for device-level security. KORE SVP EAP Marco Bijvelds joins a panel of experts at the 5G IoT Summit during Mobile World Congress Barcelona to discuss IoT security. Watch the on-demand recording of “Leveraging a Root of Trust to Establish End-to-End, Chip-to-Cloud Security for Large-Scale Deployments” to learn:

  • What is meant by chip-to-cloud security
  • Why large-scale deployments in particular require a unified approach to security
  • Other industry tech and trends regarding end-to-end security