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IoT in Healthcare: Technologies and Strategies for Success

Download the eBook “IoT in Verticals: Powering Smarter Solutions

Connected health driven by IoT involves a vast array of components – hardware and devices, connectivity, data telemetry, cloud infrastructure, logistics, and regulatory compliance, among others. It can be a complex and complicated process with many facets to deploy and manage.

No matter where you are in your journey of developing solutions or leveraging connected health applications, a great way to start is by reviewing cutting-edge research and hearing from those who have experienced integrating IoT. 

KORE leverages the latest research from a global Kaleido Intelligence survey focused on industry experts in connected health and customer use cases from eDevice and Smart Meter to explain the market opportunity and challenges in connected health.

Download the eBook, “IoT in Verticals: Connect to What Matters” to learn:
  • Challenges among cellular IoT adopters and non-adopters
  • The eSIM and private network opportunities
  • Details on Smart Meter and eDevice IoT in healthcare success