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Advanced Connectivity Enables Innovative Sustainability Solutions

Access this case study to learn how advanced connectivity drives sustainable innovation.

Sustainable living and business practices have grown in popularity over the past decade. From agricultural automation to green office practices, organizations and private citizens everywhere are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. But, due to the complexity and constant attention that most they require, many organizations have been reluctant to adopt sustainable innovations. One crucial component that makes sustainability more attainable – and self-sufficient – is IoT technology. Specifically, advanced connectivity solutions help monitor the condition and health of many sustainable solutions – like smart irrigation and soil sensors.

These solutions have traditionally been used in large-scale operations like farming, but IoT technology allows companies to increase the impact of their sustainable efforts without negatively affecting their human or technology resources. One company has adapted these smart agricultural solutions to bring sustainability into home and office life. Sagegreenlife is an innovative company that creates walls of living plants that serve as permanent nature fixtures in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and other spaces. The living walls they create vary in size, from a few feet wide to covering an entire exterior of a large building. This means each wall has different needs – amount and frequency of irrigation, light, and fertilization. To ensure the greenery lives and flourishes in their unique environments, Sagegreenlife implemented automatic irrigation systems for the walls.

The technical obstacles of connecting to an organization’s secure WiFi only compounded their early challenges in identifying and addressing issues in an appropriate amount of time. Sagegreenlife turned to KORE to help them create an advanced connectivity solution that would address both issues.

Access the full case study to learn how Sagegreenlife and KORE used advanced connectivity solutions to:
  • Increase security by eliminating the need to connect to encrypted WiFi networks
  • Accelerate speed-to-market and reduce installation time
  • Improve resource efficiency and overall solution costs
After we discussed it from a technical standpoint, how it all came together, my representative at Cradlepoint suggested KORE as one potential partner that could do all of the things we talked about – give me coverage across North America over a variety of carriers. That they were a very cost-effective, strong partner of theirs in terms of configuring, provisioning, and deploying the Cradlepoint product we were using. And, from the time I was introduced, follow up was fast. They got a team on board to help understand and design a solution for me. There was no need to look anywhere else."

Harry Eschel, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Sagegreenlife