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How to Vertically Expand & Increase the Value for Your IoT Fleet Solutions

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The lifecycle of an IoT solution can often contain multiple moving components, creating complex challenges of implementation and management. It can be daunting to try and oversee the entirety of an IoT solution lifecycle – but it doesn’t have to be with managed services. KORE frequently uses the analogy of an iceberg when describing IoT solution deployments: the application and benefits of IoT are what is seen above the water line, and the remaining 90 percent of the iceberg below the surface are the IoT managed services.

Companies don’t have to be weighed down with these challenges. This 90 percent below the surface can be filled with complexities with many moving parts, obstacles, and possible solutions – right where managed services come into play.

What are Managed Services and How Can they Benefit You?

There are several stages to an IoT deployment – some include, hardware procurement, forward and reverse logistics, device security, network management, global connectivity, and logistics and shipping. For example, for a company selling AI-enabled cameras to a fleet enterprise, the company would need several dedicated team members to manage inventory, track product status, handle device configuration and fulfillment – the list goes on, and results in an unnecessary time consuming and labor-intensive process. The path becomes even more complex without gaining visibility into the operation of the deployed devices.

When a company collaborates with KORE as your IoT managed services provider, the logistics and additional steps are taken care of freeing the company’s resources to focus on its core business priorities. Managed services accomplish and manage IoT deployments. Three key benefits include:

  • Time to Market – IoT managed service providers can help cut down extra processes without cutting corners. They have the expertise in doing the same kind of work across multiple industries and multiple companies to develop best-in-class methodologies.
  • Lower Costs – Managed service providers help lower the total costs through a strong partner ecosystem.
  • Operational Insight – Companies gain greater visibility into their operations through administrative tools, dashboards, and integrated IoT analytics.

Read more further about IoT managed services in our eBook, “A Quick Guide to IoT Managed Services” here.

How You Can Manage, Order, and Deploy on the Go

KORE has taken IoT managed services to the next level. KORE’s latest SaaS solution, MODGo, offers a streamlined approach to managed services by allowing customers to manage, order, and deploy IoT on the go. This single solution simplifies the entire process.

Organizations can now achieve greater control of their IoT ecosystems from one dashboard – including device management, network connectivity, hardware configuration, inventory management, and more – providing a holistic view of all deployments from start to finish. Not only does this solution simplify business processes, but it allows team members to prioritize other operational responsibilities. 

To learn more about MODGo as a solution, download our whitepaper here, or try out our MODGo demo to get a glimpse of how easy the platform is.

A Broad Scope of Services

Managed services aid a variety of verticals across different market segmentations. Learn how you can expand the value and services for your IoT fleet solutions by joining KORE on June 13th at 11:00 a.m. in our webinar “Ramping Your Revenue Returns with Advanced IoT Fleet Solutions.” KORE’s Dennis Piotrowski, Director of Assets and MODGo, and Scott Barnes, VP of Fleet & Mobility will be breaking down the powerful analytics of MODGo and sharing their insight to organizations on how they can uncover new efficiencies. Explore real use cases, pain points, success stories and more with KORE’s MODGo optimization.

Registration is now open!

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