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A Year of Growth and Connectivity: KORE's 2023 Recap

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With the countdown to 2024 entering single digits, we can’t help but take a moment to reflect on the eventful year KORE has had. From organizational growth and strategic acquisitions to revolutionary projects and industry recognition, 2023 has been a year filled with innovation, dedication, and incredible achievements. Join us as we look back on everything KORE has accomplished in 2023.  

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A Year of Expansion: Connecting the World 

226 IoTers joined the team further expanding our global presence with IoTers now across 20 countries.

The announcement of the Twilio IoT Acquisition – KORE strategically acquired Twilio’s IoT Business Unit strengthening our position in the IoT and connectivity space. This powerful collaboration allows us to offer more advanced solutions and capabilities to our customers, propelling us into a new era of innovation. 

Empowering connectivity globally with 18.8M+ connected devices managed today.

Unleashing IoT Potential: Industry Insights

Our IoTers attended 72+ tradeshows and webinars spanning across 5 verticals, sharing invaluable industry knowledge and expertise. 

Celebrated 11+ industry recognitions, showcasing KORE's excellence in the IoT and connectivity space. 

Fun Facts  

1,000+ Cups of Coffee Consumed Daily: Our team powered through the day with over 1,000 cups of coffee consumed daily. 

24,901+ Miles Traveled: From daily commutes to on-site visits, the team collectively covered enough miles to orbit the Earth. It's not just miles; it's forging connections, building relationships, and ensuring we meet our clients' needs globally. 

2,000+ Virtual Meetings: In the age of remote work, KORE conducted over 2,000+ virtual meetings, connecting teams worldwide. 

As we say goodbye to 2023, we look ahead to a future of endless possibilities and connectivity. Stay tuned for more developments and innovations from KORE in 2024 as we continue to shape the future of IoT. Here’s to an even more exciting and connected 2024! 

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