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IoT for Good: Massive IoT delivers Massive Solutions

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It’s no secret we’re facing global obstacles on a scale we’ve never seen before – or maybe we have, but now 24/7 satellite feeds give us the ability to broadcast harrowing images from all over the world instantly; however, it’s not all doom and gloom. From pandemics to war, Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices are making a real, positive impact on our world’s humanitarian crises – hence the phrase ‘IoT for Good’. 

Massive IoT – the deployment of sensors and actuators that can communicate around the globe – is leading the fight against human suffering caused by climate change and other disasters. Drones allow for quicker response times, delivering life-saving aid and supplies to war-torn regions and other hard-to-reach areas. In those same regions, IoT-powered tablets help vulnerable populations connect with loved ones and caregivers – all of which is powered by secure, reliable connectivity. 

Technology as Medicine

The COVID-19 pandemic did more than just poke holes in our healthcare system – it also showcased how vital technology is during an emergency. From developing vaccines to delivering them, IoT-powered technology played a large role in tackling the pandemic from the ground up. IoT-powered sensor technology helped scientists remotely, and safely, monitor infected patients to track the efficacy of treatment, which was crucial in developing the vaccines that would later save millions of lives. Those same sensors also helped drones deliver vaccines and other critical supplies to areas affected by flooding and other natural disasters exacerbated by climate change – saving the lives of the individuals affected and those who would have risked their lives trying to reach them.   

No One Left Behind

Those left behind, both literally and figuratively, in times of war are among our most vulnerable. In war-torn regions like the Ukraine, the aging population has been disproportionately affected and isolated due to ongoing conflict and subsequent disruptions in broadband connection – Insert GrandPad, an IoT-powered device that uses wireless connectivity to connect more than 1.7 million seniors with families, friends and caregivers. A prime example of ‘IoT for Good,’ GrandPad has not only helped Ukrainian seniors and refugees stave off isolation, it has also connected our growing aging population across the globe – lessening the burden on healthcare systems by helping seniors receive care remotely and live independently longer. 

The Human Element

Technology is a direct reflection of the people who created it; therefore, ‘IoT for Good’ and other Massive IoT initiatives signal that mankind is looking inward and forward to solve our most pressing issues, ensuring a brighter future for all of us.  

Join KORE’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Analytics, Tushar Sachdev during a spotlight presentation at IMC’s CES Preview to learn:

  • The role of IoT in global disaster relief
  • Real use cases of ‘IoT for Good’ in action
  • The role of IoT providers in ensuring these critical use cases are supported

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