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What is an IoT Hyperscaler?

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The complexities of IoT are continually growing as the technology is capable of more and more. Previous iterations of IoT were relatively simple, for example, a GPS device on a fleet vehicle. Leveraging the GPS tracker could allow fleet managers to create geofences around endpoints for alerting when vehicles entered or exited the predetermined areas. 

Geofencing is still a powerful tool that is leveraged in the fleet industry today, but technology continues to advance to add to fleet telematics. Vehicle health is monitored through engine sensors, artificial intelligence is being added to video telematics, some fleet vehicles are electrically powered, and eventually, there are projections of autonomous fleet vehicles.

It gets complicated very quickly. For a simple GPS solution, a connectivity provider was enough, whether that was direct from a carrier or a third-party provider. IoT has grown to require more than just connectivity but a full technology stack that all need to work together efficiently to drive the greatest business results, which is where the convergence of an IoT hyperscaler occurs.

IoT hyperscaler can deliver a similar type of value to IoT that a cloud hyperscaler such as Google Cloud, AWS, or Microsoft Azure can with compute and storage. Instead of going the path of putting a solution together piecemeal, IoT is headed in the direction of making IoT highly digestible so that it is easy to access and use, which will enhance its acceleration.

KORE as an IoT Hyperscaler

KORE, as an IoT hyperscaler, can provide simplistic, secure offerings under a single roof, which addresses a significant gap in the market.

As the world’s first IoT hyperscaler, KORE is positioned to offer customers the framework of:

  • Scalability in the IoT space
  • Enhanced accessibility with ease of adoption
  • An exponential increase in value
  • Community relevance with a digital native approach
  • Partner ecosystem orchestration

Transforma Insights identifies a successful IoT hyperscaler as being able to provide a massive scale, low-cost management, and combined device and/or connectivity offerings. Connectivity in IoT is becoming simply table stakes, as well as the broad management of connectivity through a connectivity management platform.

KORE is proud to not only have a robust set of solutions and services as an IoT hyperscaler, but a breadth of key alliances across the ecosystem.

KORE to Talk Next-Gen IoT in On-Demand Webinar

If you’re interested in learning more about the latest trends in technology and how the alliance between KORE and Google services the shifting demands of IoT, you can watch the on-demand webinar, “Facing the New IoT Landscape” here

KORE Senior Vice President of Connectivity and Strategic Alliances Niklas Ekarv and KORE Chief Technology Officer Tushar Sachdev dive into the details about how data communication and the cloud are changing in IoT an how hyperscalers are adjusting to these needs, as well as share key information on how KORE and Google Cloud are collaborating.

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