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KORE Connections: Kathleen LaRocque, VP of Product Management

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At KORE, we prioritize praise and recognition of our incredible employees. With our KORE Connections blog, we are thrilled to highlight our very own Kathy LaRocque - who recently received a well-deserved promotion to Vice President of Product Management! Originally from New Hampshire (we’ll hold off on the Dunkin’ references), Kathy is a transplant who now lives in Georgia with her husband where she enjoys milder winters, painting, and reading. With nearly 20 years of experience in the world of IoT, software, and technology, Kathy has put her creativity and innovative thinking to use, furthering KORE’s product management team in more ways than one. It is no secret that Kathy has brought ingenuity and skill to our team! 

Q: What would your dream vacation be?
A: My dream vacation would be a month-long sojourn around Australia and New Zealand, probably on a cruise ship as anyone who knows me knows I love to cruise.

Q: What is a funny story from your childhood?
A: I am originally from New Hampshire where I grew up as the only girl of four children.  (Yes, my Barbies drove Tonka trucks. 😉.)

Q: What does a productive day look like for you?
A: A productive day is any day where the meetings are truly productive, products are launched, and information and knowledge are freely shared.

Q: What is an item you own that you cannot go without?
A: Being from New England I ‘Run on Dunkin’s!’ so of course, the item I cannot do without is my coffee maker/Keurig machine.

Q: What are you most proud of in your career?
A: There are many things that I am proud of in my career. However, I am most proud of the fact that my work ethic and desire to see my company succeed through hard work and sometimes long hours has been recognized throughout my career.   

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